Purpose of the Washington Parish Communications District

The purpose of the Washington Parish Communications District is to establish and manage operations of an enhanced 9-1-1 emergency communications system in Washington Parish.  The district is governed by a seven member board appointed by the parish government.  Board members receive no compensation for their work.


The Communications District employs three full time personnel to handle the day to day business of the district.  This includes public 9-1-1 education, emergency response agency liaison, 9-1-1 equipment replacement and maintenance, ANI/ALI database management, Washington Parish map development, maintenance and distribution, plus street addressing outside of the municipalities of Bogalusa and Franklinton.

The district has equipped three primary public safety answering points to receive 9-1-1 calls : The Bogalusa Police Department, the Franklinton Police Department, and the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office.

Each public safety answering point is staffed by the respective agencyís dispatch personnel. These dispatch personnel are employed by their "home" agency who is responsible for their pay, performance, supervision, and training.

The specific activities of the District are as follows

Addressing Activities



Public Assistance and Education Activities



Mapping Activities