Washington Parish Communications District

Parish President  -       Richard Ned Thomas

 Washington Parish Council   Washington Parish Communications District - Board
District 1  -              Mr. Joe Culpepper Chairman  -              Jim Coleman
District 2  -              Mr. Shawn Rice Vice Chairman  -      Mike Stogner
District 3  -              Ms. Kim Wagner Treasurer  -              Danny Harris
District 4  -              Mr. Clark Henry Secretary  -              Cynthia August
District 5  -              Mr. Rusty Fornea Commissioner -       Olander Smith

District 6  -              Mr. Reginald McMasters

Commissioner  -      Sarah Burris
District 7  -              Mr. Carly King Commissioner  -      Brent Jones

Washington Parish Communications District - Staff

  Director            -                Joanna Thomas
  Addressing and Mapping- Shannon Moore
  Addressing and Mapping- Cami Jones
  Legal Counsel -                 Dan Foil
  Medical Director -            Eric Payne, MD

The Washington Parish Police Jury enacted Statutes establishing the Washington Parish Communications District on May 17, 1988. The District is governed by a seven member board appointed by the parish government.  The current Washington Parish Council and Washington Parish Communications District Board members and staff are as shown above. Board members receive no compensation for their work

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